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(Basic, Clinical, Bridal & More …)


The Beauty Makeup Course at London Eyes is the first step towards a career as a Makeup Artist. This course is an introduction to the art of makeup techniques and prepares the student for entry-level work. This program is specifically designed to include international makeup techniques as well as to present students a diverse variety of makeup styles from our Instructors.

Once this course is completed, the student may begin their journey in a beauty salon, spa, cosmetic company/retailer, or as a freelance bridal/event makeup artist. The knowledge and techniques mastered at our school will prove to be essential for your success and longevity in the field of makeup artistry.

A Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course.



Course Description:


1. Clinical Makeup

  • Introduction To Beauty Makeup 
  • Proper Hygiene Standards 
  • Skin Structure/ Skin Types 
  • Corrective Makeup 

2. Makeup Foundation

  • Products, Equipment, Tools 
  • Color Analysis 
  • Ethnic Skin Tones/ Custom Blending 
  • Face Shapes/ Highlighting/ Shading/ Blush 
  • Proper Techniques For: Eyebrows, Eyes & Lips 
  • False Eyelash Application 
  • Image Of The Makeup Artist 


3. Special Makeup Techniques

  • Day Makeup 
  • Evening Makeup 
  • Bridal Makeup 
  • Mature Woman Makeup 

4. Bridal Makeup Styles

  • Traditional 
  • European 
  • Asian 
  • Indian

SPECIAL OFFER: $1,895.00 

Personal beauty kit and brush set included.


(28 HRS) -$900.00


Explore the art of creative beauty and learn how to design abstract styles and looks. Artistic and technical Makeup Artists are in high demand, and freelancers have a vast array of opportunities available to them in different creative fields.
As a Certified Makeup Artist in Media Makeup, you will find work in the entertainment industry, fashion, photography and television. Our excellent educators will help you master Vintage, Fantasy, Avant-garde, Contemporary and High Definition Makeup. You will have a professional photo shoot at the end of the course, which will give you your first true industry experience!

Course Description:

  • Introduction To Media Makeup 
  • Media Makeup HD 
  • Runway, Fashion 
  • Red Carpet Ready
  • Pin-up Makeup 
  • Twelve Minute Makeup/Smart Kit Building 
  • Male Grooming 
  • Extreme Creative   
  • Building Professional Portfolio Info 
  • Professional Photo Shoot 

A Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course.




(28 HRS) -


Discover the world of the Performing Arts with our hands-on Creative Stage / Film / Makeup Course! Students will learn the craft of creating different characters through the following makeup styles: Aging, Period, Geisha and Stylization.
In addition, students will examine the History of Theatrical and Performance Makeup, as well as be able to distinguish the differences between Straight and Character Makeup.
The Academy’s principal goal is to help all of our graduates achieve their full potential as Makeup Artists!

Course Description:

  • Introduction To Film/Stage Makeup 
  • Additional Product Info 
  • 18th Century Makeup 
  • Period Styles Makeup 
  • Kabuki Makeup  
  • Aging Makeup 
  • Water Paint Makeup 
  • Fantasy/ Free Style Makeup 
  • Script Breakdown 
  • Photo Shoot 

A Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course.



(28 HRS) -


The makeup industry has evolved and now calls for more attention to detail. With an interactive workshop, our Photo Art Makeup Course will train you to master the technique of precision. If you want to stand out in the competitive makeup artistry field, this course is for you! This higher level focuses on 3 Dimensional Makeup and the latest trends in print.

Course Description:

  • Introduction to Photo Art Makeup
  • Additional makeup product information
  • Latest trends in print
  • In-depth understanding of color palette
  • Creme Makeup/ Contouring
  • Water Paint Makeup
  • Glam Makeup/ 3D
  • Professional Photo Shoot




(3,5 HRS) - $150.00


Airbrush Makeup is the makeup of the 21st century. It is the most sought after technique in the bridal industry , TV and even in daily life events. The effect of airbrush makeup assures a flawless application, long-lasting coverage, breathable skin, minimizes flaws, does not clog pores and the ease of use allows for quick application. Our students will learn how to excel in all these techniques and more.

Course Description:

  • Live Demos Covering Application, Proper Distance/ Pressure 
  • Dismounting, Cleaning Equipment 
  • Special Techniques For Applying: Foundation/ Contouring/ Blush 
  • Airbrush Bridal Makeup


(16 HRS) - $650.00


Our Special Effects program prepares students for theatrical work, TV programs and movie productions – requiring special effects skills. The objective of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and ability to effectively produce high quality special makeup effects. Students will learn to accurately situate characters within the plot as a tool to propel the story forward and to gain an understanding of directing, editing and continuity. Students will also become familiar with the history of special makeup effects, as well as with current trends in the industry.

Course Description:

  • Materials, History of Special Makeup F/X 
  • Bruises, Minor Cuts 
  • 3-D Bullet Wounds 
  • Trauma, Exposure, Illness & Death Makeup 
  • 3-D Burns



(16 HRS) - $650.00


In our Special F/X Advanced Master Class students will take a deeper dive into the world of Special Effects. With an introduction to new materials and new processes, students will discover how to apply a bald cap, apply pre-made appliances and finally explore the process involved in gender makeup and facial hair.

Course Description:

  • Gender Makeup 
  • Bald Cap 
  • Application Of Pre-Made Appliances 
  • Facial Hair Application



(3 HRS) - $400.00


Take your Makeup Artistry career to the next level with our Business Master Class! This is the first crucial step in obtaining the knowledge and resources you need to succeed and to be competitive in the Makeup Industry. If you don’t know where to start, begin your journey with us and we will help you set up a plan for achieving your goals!

Course Description: 

  • Marketing Materials: Business Cards, Resume Building, Websites, COMP Cards 
  • Differences Of Working In Television, Film, Theater, Print And Fashion 
  • Testing With Photographers 
  • Tax Tips, Accounting Tips, Invoices, Insurance 
  • Signing With Agents: Requirements, How An Agency Works 
  • On-set Etiquette Whether Assisting/ Being A Key Artist 





** London Eyes Master Course graduates only
* Prerequisites (only one): Beauty Makeup Course, certificate from makeup school, proof of work from cosmetic
 company/ makeup studio (one year minimum).


All offers valid: January 01 - June 30, 2018


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