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London Eyes Makeup School Chicago

Quick & Easy Day Makeup Tips

  1. Prior to makeup application prepare your skin by washing and applying moisturizer.
  2. Start by applying foundation to the whole face including eye-lids;
  3. Cover whole face with the loose powder suitable for your skin shade; Please blend well. (Do not apply powder on your eye lids at this time)
  4. In the area of eyelids, apply one-shade darker loose powder. (Thin layer)
  5. Choose eye color, light to medium recommended – pastel shimmers or metallic; Apply on the eyelids starting from the lush line to crease.
  6. At this stage your eye sockets should appear deep enough. If you feel it’s still too light - you can add brown color to the crease;
  7. Apply black or brown eyeliner to the eye lids
  8. Cover your eyelashes with mascara.
  9. Use a favorite shade of lipstick & liner for your lips
  10. Apply blush on the cheekbones – starting from the apple of the cheek toward the ear. (Cheek and lip color is to be selected from the same pallet – warm or cool).
  11. Use light-colored highlighter for the face area over the area covered with blush. 



Mascara Tricks and Tips

BLUE eyes present themselves well in the following mascara shades:
- Sapphire
- Violet
- Gray
GREEN eyes are highlighted nicely by mascara shades of:
- Plum
- Burgundy
- Bronze
BROWN or HAZEL colored eyes are enhanced by:
- Plum
- Dark-Blue
- Brown
- Black
Mascara shades.
colored eyes look best in mascara shades of:
- Sapphire
- Green
- Turquoise
- Blue